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    Save on mobile calls to other cities and countries!
    Cut on expenses for interurban and international connection
    with new per-second TelMe tariffs.

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  • Save on roaming calls
    wherever you are!

    You can save up to 90% on calls home from any country in the world.
    TelMe CallBack, a new app with per-second tariffs, will help you.

  • Use Instagram?
    Call free!

    If you are a passionate traveler and you love taking selfies,
    call home via TelMe free, wherever you are!



    Get a private landline phone number
    and receive calls on it anywhere in the world.
    Save on incoming roaming calls.


TelMe for OS Windows

Make cheap calls from computer on mobile today!

Install a free TelMe application on your computer or notebook, top-up and call any phone number according to cheap per-second tariffs.

TelMe for Mac

The app for Mac already very soon!
Subscribe for updating and receive a bonus!

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To everyone, installed the app for Mac!

TelMe for iOs

Now interurban and international calls from iPhone
and iPad are cheaper than mobile telephony!

Install a free TelMe CallBack app on your iPhone or iPad, top-up and save on interurban and international calls in roaming.

TelMe for Android

Pay less for interurban and international calls from Android devices!

Install a free TelMe CallBack app on your smartphone or tablet, top-up and call anywhere in the world according to cheap per-second tariffs.

TelMe for IP-phones

Call from your IP-phone according to cheap per-second tariffs today!

Adjust your phone for the work in TelMe net, top-up and enjoy the ability to call anywhere in the world according to cheap per-second tariffs.


Make cheap calls right now!

Save on interurban and international calls. New per-second TelMe tariffs are cheaper than those offered by mobile and traditional operators. Free calls within the network.

Pay less, pay for calls!

Get the service free and make cheap call with no license fee. Only seconds of talks decrease your balance now, no matter where you call.

Communicate without struggle!

You will hear your interlocutor distinctly, as well as he will hear you. Forget about voice delays, echoes, noises and other obstacles.

Easy switch,
everything is clear and simple!

It's enough to register and download a free app to start using TelMe. The whole process takes no more than 2 minutes.

Reasonable calls
from anywhere in the world!

TelMe gives you an opportunity to use cheap tariffs all over the world. Besides, SMS-callback service lets you make inexpensive calls without Internet connection.

Direct number
is always with you!

Get an inexpensive direct landline number and receive calls from anywhere. All incoming calls are free.

How does it work

TelMe is a convenient application (program) for internet calls (IP-telephony). It's a perfect solution, if you need to make a cheap or free interurban or international call from a computer, smartphone, tablet or IP-telephone.

TelMe is way cheaper than mobile or traditional telephony. With it, you pay for seconds of communication only and top-up as much, as you want. Forget about compulsory and license fees.

Calling with TelMe is as easy, as with a usual phone. Simply install it on your computer, smartphone, tablet or set on an IP-phone and communicate with the whole world according to cheap per-second calls right now.

As you get a personal landline number, you will be able to receive calls not only at home, on your computer or IP-phone, but anywhere as well, having only smartphone or tablet at hand.

Personal landline number

Direct personal TelMe landline number will let you receive calls regardless where you are. You might be at home, in the street, in another city or on a trip around the world, and anywhere you can be reached at your personal landline number. Simply choose a device to receive calls. It can be an IP-phone, computer, notebook, smartphone or tablet. You can set an answerphone or voice mail at your wish. With a personal landline number you will always be in touch and will not miss a single important message. You can choose from a variety of direct numbers from a few dozen of Russian cities and hundreds of localities from CIS and far abroad. You can get a personal number in your account.